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What would it take to please your customer; the visitor to your establishment, whether it be a club, bar, party, etc? Most people know that they want to put on a good show, but not everyone knows what it takes to make that happen. We will give you the advice and direction needed to make your show the best show it can be. Please browse through our talent roster for an artist for your event. Or, if you’re an artist needing our services please contact us. 




Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, is the CEO of ATWORK ENTERTAINMENT.  Through his endeavors at Atwork Entertainment , he has been a Manager, Booking Agent and Road Manager to singers, musicians, & DJs around the world.  managing. He has booked such artists as Barbara Tucker, Melba Moore, Freddie Jackson, Martha Wash, Melisa Morgan, Dorothy Norwood, Robin S., Harmonica Sunbeam, and Ultra Nate, to name a few.

Mr. Germany’s passion for entrepreneurship can be credited to his love for great music.

Through his work with many artist and celebrities including hosting major events and album release parties, James was recognized as a great host. His experiences and creative passion are the catalysts that have motivated and ignited him TO CONTINUE Atwork AFTER 20 YEARS. HE haS worked hard and long over the years to present quality performances to the masses  to bring to you the best that entertainment has to offer.

HE HAS worked in numerous countries such as Russia, Amsterdam, London, Japan, Croatia, Brazil, Morocco, Italy, Rome, Switzerland, Africa and others. Atwork is a  full service entertainment agency that will provide you with all your needs…..get a taste of what Atwork Entertainement can offer..